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Movement of goods in India from the past and its desideratum of packers and movers

Economy of pre-historic India:

The economic history of the country dates back to the Indus valley civilization, during its Bronze Age from 3300-1300 BCE, which is referred to as Bronze Age civilization, this was the period that was marked with intense trade activity and huge urban development, which is evident from the excavations from the sites. The urbanization of the country also started during this period while the cities were noted for their proper planning, drainage systems, water supply systems, transportation system etc.

While for the next 1500 years the country’s classical civilization was produced by the reign of successive Hindu empires until the 15th century, the period where the country was richest country in the world accounting to world’s largest economy. The major economical activities were agriculture, textiles, food processing and crafts.

Economy of medieval and modern India:

While till the 15th century religions especially the Hinduism and Jainism played important role in economic activities making cities like Allahabad, Varanasi, Nashik and Puri as the centers of Trade and Commerce resulting in a pilgrimage economy, the advent of Mughal Empire that last for around 2 centuries have also flourished with the advantages of the previous economy along with efficient tax administration system of the Mughal during which period the country ranked second largest economy, which was mainly due to the fall in the population due to devastating famine in the country.

Due to the decline of the Mughal in the late 17th century, the power of the British East India Company arose in the 18th century, who entered the country for the purpose of trade through Bengal, from which date the draining of the country commenced in the form of exporting of resources and raw materials and import of processed and manufactured goods leading to the decline of the Indian economy greatly.

Pros and cons of British Empire:

The pros that the country gained were in the form of creating an institutional environment stabilized law and order to a larger extent, created well-developed system of railways, telegraphs and modern legal system, while the main con being the whole of the infrastructure geared towards the exploitation of the resources and the strict foreign policies that stifled the trade with the rest of the world.

Trend of relocation in India from the past to present:

A distinct trend of movement of people and their belongings either in the form of household goods or commercial goods is been observed in India after the Independence for the very reason of liberalization of the economy in the late nineties.

Economy before liberalization:

While between the pre economic liberalization period and post independence period protectionism policy was highly observed by the government restricting imports and encouraging exports in order to safeguard the timid economy and to provide growth internally. Therefore industrialization was under the control of the state that followed license raj which mandated elaborate licenses, regulations to set up business in the country.

Economy after liberalization:

In the late nineties the economy of the country was slowly liberalized for the reason of existence of monopoly of players both the public and huge private sectors and the major reason of Balance of Payment Crisis management in 1991. This has lead to the free inflow of Foreign Investments in the form of Direct and Indirect investments in various sectors that have lead to healthy competition of the economy.

Need for relocation service providers:

The cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, MumbaiNoida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Pune, FaridabadJaipur, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad along with the cities that were the centers for trade and commerce from the past became centers for rising industries and destination for foreign investments and companies for the reasons of being equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and scope for easy growth. Therefore establishment of such MNCs in these cities has made a major reason of relocation of people and their belongings to such cities to tap the huge employment opportunities offered by them that promises higher financial compensation.

A higher need for private assistance was felt by the relocating people for the following reasons

The distance of relocation:

This was primary need at the initial stages of relocation as the people were new to such movement, while this need has been dominated by the other needs as time rolls on. But still this need remains one of the important needs for hiring a relocation service provider even today.

The time constraint with the people:

The new companies that has emerged after the liberalization of the economy though provide promising salaries to their employees, provide them with lesser leisure time even during such situations, therefore a higher need for private assistance especially in the form of professional packers and movers in India is felt to save their time from the performance of the tasks of relocation and dedicate to other integral tasks.

Nature of household goods:

Though this aspect was not of importance in the initial days, the development in the technology and increase in the expectation and need of the people has made this aspect the premier one to hire such packers and movers in the recent days.

Scarce knowledge and inexperience:

This is another increasing need for hiring relocation for the reason that modern lifestyle and education system has lead to specialization of knowledge in particular field while diversified knowledge growth is limited. Hence a scarce knowledge and inexperience is been developed with the present day population.

Services rendered to satisfy the needs:

The packers and movers are the players in the market who evolved from the business of transporters by addressing to the increasing and changing needs and expectations of their customers. Therefore from the task of transporting, their tasks for effective relocation of goods evolved into a sequence of tasks of packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking that is rendered in the given order, while the tasks of packing and unpacking are rendered with utmost attention and care catering to the nature of the goods relocated.

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